Lady Jane

A Peaceable Kingdom

"A Peaceable Kingdom" is contained in a 19" square Obelisk that stands 40" high. It features 58 animals, birds and fish handcrafted by Karl Blindheim of Toronto, Canada. A magnificent Dogwood tree created by Harriet Mottaz of Ft. Myers, Florida, crowns a "mountain" constructed of Manzanita Burl, a variety of wood that comes from the Sierra Nevada range in California. A wide assortment of wild flowers are found throughout.

This work was inspired by the paintings of an American primitive painter, Edward Hicks (1780 1849), a Pennsylvania Quaker minister. The work featured domestic and wild animals in a serene setting. Hicks himself was inspired by the Bible where it says, "The Wolf shall dwell with the Lamb..." From 1816 until his death, he painted 62 versions of this theme.

The piece is in a private collection.

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