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Lady Jane produces museum quality objects d’art in the form of glass display cases, miniature greenhouses, and miniature conservatories. Constructed of glass, combining 1/8" double strength clear with accents of stained art glass, Lady Jane uses the "Tiffany" method of foil and solder. The structures are 1/12th scale (1 inch = 1 foot) and are available with or without contents. They may be used to display your most treasured collections in an elegant, attractive, highly visible setting -- in a dust free environment. Or they may be decorated as miniature room settings.

English Greenhouse glass display case

Lady Jane now offers secure online ordering!

On the following pages you will view some of the outstanding one-of-a-kind display cases of Lady Jane which are now in Private Collections or Museums, as well as many of her standard dislay cases that she has decorated for display. Custom designs may be ordered. All orders are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Lady Jane displays at shows throughout the country where pieces may be ordered, or purchased on an available basis. Orders are also accepted via the Internet, telephone, or by mail.

Visitors are always welcome at the Studio, by appointment only! If you are in the general Tampa Bay area, please consider stopping by. Visitors will get to see some of Linda's work that does not appear on our Website, such as Glass Windchimes, Suncatchers, Dichroic Glass Jewelry, decorative plates and stepping stones ! You will also have the opportunity to visit June Schuette's Miniature Museum right next door. It is one of the finest Private Collections of Miniatures in the U.S.Her collection features several of Linda's major pieces, such as the Crystal Palace, Rainforest and Contemporary House, as well as significant works of Rik Pierce, Scott Hughes and many others. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. 941-776-2769 or E-mail us.

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